21 / 11 / 2017

Press conference on Russian Health Care Week took place at Rossiya Segondya News Agency

Rossiya Segodnya News Agency hosted a press conference devoted to the forthcoming Russian Health Care Week. The event is to run from December 4 through 8, 2017.

The participants in the press conference are co-chairman of the Weeks organizing committee, Deputy of the Russian State Duma Nikolay Gerasimenko, General Director of the National Medical Research Center of Cardiology of the Russian Ministry of Health Care Sergey Boytsov, Director of the Department of the Russian Ministry of Health Care Andrey Kazutin, Director of the Department of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Alexey Alyokhin, and Expocentre General Director Sergey Bednov.

In his welcome address Sergey Bednov reminded that the history of the Russian Health Care Week dated back to 1974, when the Zdravookhraneniye trade show was first organized. Today, the Week unites a series of large-scale international trade shows and congresses and is on the list of official events held by the Russian Ministry of Health Care.

This year the Weeks main events will be International Forum on Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle For Healthy Life 2017; International Exhibition for Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals Zdravookhraneniye 2017; and International Exhibition for Rehabilitation and Preventive Treatment Facilities, Medical Aesthetics, Health Improvement Technologies and Products for Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Lifestyle 2017.

For the first time well hold the international exhibition Medical Clinics. Health and Spa Resorts MedTravelExpo 2017, continued Sergey Bednov. It will be accompanied by the congress on Health and Spa Resorts of Russia: Current State and Prospects. The new trade show and the congress will enable health and spa resorts to offer their opportunities to a wide medical community. Thus, a really unique exhibition platform is being created to showcase health care workers new services provided by health and spa resorts and latest technologies in this field of medicine. 

During the year we hold a lot of meetings, Nikolay Gerasimenko said at the beginning of his speech. The meetings result in the For Healthy Life Forum where participants analyze development trends in the health care industry and public health. In the past five years weve held the Forum at Expocentre and Id like to thank Expocentres team for excellent organization of the Forum.

Nikolay Gerasimenko elaborated on demographic situation in the country and ways to increase expectancy of healthy, productive and working life.

Andrey Kazutin said that the key issue in the development of public private partnership in the health care industry was to strike a balance between the interests of the government and businesses. Sergey Boytsov dwelt on the problems of medical checkup of the population. Alexey Alyokhin said that the ministry traditionally supported the Week and participated in it with a large stand where manufacturers showcased their medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.         

The Russian Health Care Week 2017 will present the latest achievements in the global and Russian medicine. The most promising innovative developments and technologies in the field of medical equipment and technologies, new medical products and services will get start in life. The Week participants will sum up the results of the Russian health care system and medical industry for a year and set targets for the future.

See more on the exhibition website http://www.zdravo-expo.ru/en.


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