30 / 01 / 2018

Negotiations of the management of the company MedicaTour Ltd. and the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in Moscow

Tatyana Sokolov, CEO of MedicaTour Ltd., was invited to the Croatian Tourism Office in Moscow by the director Rajko Ruzicka to talk about the development of a new direction in Croatia - medical tourism.

Croatia is known to all of us as one of the favorite countries of beach rest. However, the season does not last long and therefore the idea arose to develop medical tourism in Croatia, which practically does not depend on seasonality.

At the meeting, Tatyana Sokolov answered the questions of Mr. Rajko Ruzicka and told about the general situation in the market of outbound and inbound medical tourism in Russia. And also recommended Croatian clinics and resorts to participate in the largest medical tourism exhibition MedTravelExpo, which will be held from 2 to 5 December at the Expocenter in Moscow.

Mr. Rajko Ruzicka, in turn, said that Croatia already accepts medical tourists from some European countries, for example, thousands of Italians come to Croatia to treat their teeth due to low prices and high European quality, but unfortunately there are no medical tourists from Russia yet.

Based on her own extensive experience in promoting medical brands of different countries in the markets of Russia and the CIS Tatiana summed up that if competently to carry out marketing, PR and branding, Croatian medical tourism has great potential. Excellent climate, low prices, European quality, beautiful country, friendly and hospitable people, as well as modern clinics equipped with the latest equipment, famous medical specialists - all these factors will certainly attract Russian patients and patients from the CIS to the country.

Perhaps in the near future you will witness the global joint projects of MedicaTour Ltd. and the Croatian National Tourist Board.

Website of MedicaTour Ltd.: http://medica-tour.com/



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