26 / 12 / 2008


On 9 - 12 December Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow hosted ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE’2008, the 18th International Exhibition for Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals. The Exhibition is organized by Expocentre and is the largest tradeshow of its kind in Russia and Eastern Europe. ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE proudly carries the logos of UFI and RUEF, the world-known exhibition organizations.

Held under the auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Moscow Government, ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE’2008 was supported by the Russian Ministry of Health Care and Social Development, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Arranged thematically, the 2008 edition display of over 45 000 sqm featured medical instrumentation and diagnostic equipment, advanced medical technologies, medical consumables, laboratory medicine, medical furniture, emergency medicine, first aid, engineering, construction and equipping of health care facilities, disinfection, sterilization and sanitation equipment, rehabilitation, advanced information technologies in medicine, healthy life-style, and dentistry.

Over 1 000 companies from 40 countries demonstrated their products. China, Finland, France, Germany, Republic of Korea, and Spain arranged national expositions. At ZDRAVOOKHRANENIY’2008 Czechia and Turkey organized their national expositions for the first time ever. The French Pavilion featuring products by 22 companies from France was the largest one among those arranged by overseas participants. In 2008 its floor space increased by 26% as compared to 2007.

Overseas companies such as Carl Zeiss AG, Fujinon, Paul Hartman, Philips, Scott-European Medical Corporation Sony, Siemens, Toshiba, Wernipol s.r.l., Westfalia, to name a few, showcased their latest developments, know-how, advanced technologies and solutions of present-day relevance. The number of domestic companies from all regions of Russia exceeded 700. The quality of displays by Russian participants demonstrating hi-tech medical equipment increased notably.

The number of visits totaled 28 343, 94% of which were professional visitors. The attendees got comprehensive insights into the latest medical technologies and technical developments.

ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE’2008 was accompanied by a series of related events including the Contest for Industrial Design of Medical Devices, the 2nd Annual Workshop: Government and Municipal Contract in Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industry, the 3rd International Scientific Conference on the current state of professional sports medicine and its potential: SportMed’2008 and the 10th Annual Scientific Forum Stomatology’2008.

The Contest for Industrial Design of Medical Devices was held by the Expert Club of Industry and Energy with support of the Russian Ministry of Health Care and Social Development and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation.

The 2nd International Forum: Program of Development of the Russian and French Health Care Systems by 2012 brought together leading medical professionals from Russia and France to analyze health care development trends both in the two countries and worldwide. The delegates discussed economic aspects of current health care reforms, and issues relating to obligatory and voluntary health insurance, and the balance between government and private financing. Much attention focused on emergency care issues. In particular, representatives of the Antoine Béclère Hospital, France gave a presentation on the subject. Also, the Forum raised a question regarding the necessity for the widespread introduction of new technologies into hospitals and clinics, and possible use of hi-tech equipment in medical institutions of all levels.

ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE’2008 comprised Sportmed’2008, the International Scientific Conference on the current state of professional sports medicine and its potential. This event is the largest and most representative one of its kind in the CIS and Eastern Europe. In 2008 the conference brought together delegates from Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and other countries.

Sportmed’2008 incorporated the Sports Medicine Certification Course that was held on the initiative and under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee and with support from the Olympic Solidarity Fund. The course was intended to upgrade skills of medical professionals and inform the public of the latest developments in that field. Leading domestic and foreign sports medicine specialists gave seminars on most important present-day issues. The course participants got certificates issued by the International Olympic Committee.

In 2008 the ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE International Exhibition once again confirmed its status as Russia’s best exhibition event for medical specialists.

The ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE’2009 International Exhibition will run at Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow on 7 – 11 December 2009.


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