13 / 01 / 2012

The Zdravookhraneniye’2011 International Exhibition


The Russian Health Care Week’2011, the main International Scientific and Practical Forum in Russia in the field of health care finished its work successfully. The event took place at the Expocentre Fairgrounds on December 5-9, 2011. 

This large-scale exhibition and congress project was arranged by Expocentre with the support from the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Federation Public Chamber, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences under the patronage of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Moscow City Government.

The Russian Health Care Week’2011 comprised the following arrangements: the 21st International Exhibition Zdravookhraneniye’2011; the 5th International Exhibition Healthy Life-Style; All-Russian Research-and-Practice Congress of Radiologists Radiology and Nuclear Medicine in Oncology; the 13th Annual Scientific Forum Stomatology’2011; the 6th International Scientific Conference Sportmed’2011; All-Russian Forum Medical Equipment and Products Delivery to Medical and Preventive Treatment Institutions (MPTI).Strategy’2012; the International Medical Congress IMedR’2012; the 18th International Specialized Exhibition Apteka’2011 and other important events.

The key event of the Forum Russian Health Care Week became Zdravookhraneniye’2011, the 21st International Exhibition for Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals - a large-scale exhibition project in Russia, the CIS, Baltic States and the Eastern Europe countries. It embraced a whole range of medical goods and services.  The high international status of the Exhibition is confirmed with labels of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF). 

In her welcome speech Veronika I. Skvortsova, Deputy Minister of the RF Health and Social Development noted that “at present the Russian Health Care Week Forum and related exhibitions taking place within the bounds of it are the largest and most well-known show in our country for advanced achievements of scientific medicine and practical public heath care enables Russian and foreign leaders of the medical industry and  pharmaceutics to demonstrate the latest technologies and equipment for human diseases diagnostics and treatment.”

Veronika I. Skvortsova underlined: “The Russian Health Care Week Forum and related exhibitions taking place within the bounds of it have become a traditional meeting and contact place for scientists and specialists, students of medical universities institutes and public health care organizers who directly participate in realization of the Health Care Priority National Project.  

Director of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Department for Chemical-Engineering Complex and Bioengineering Technologies Sergey A. Tsyb considers that “ the Zdravookhraneniye International Exhibition  has a long-term history; the show has become a high-performance tool for medical institutions consuming medical products and pharmaceuticals, and authorities to co-operate with manufacturers and suppliers”.

He is sure that “this year the participation in Zdravookhraneniye’2011 and Healthy Lifestyle’2011 exhibitions will become an efficient tool to establish strong business relations and define priorities of the industry enterprises development. It will enable to improve the domestic patient care and preventive treatment institutions facilities as well as enhance the medical service quality”.

Director of the RF CCI Department for Exhibition, Trade Fair and Convention Activities Igor A. Korotin welcomed the show participants on behalf of the RF CCI and the RF CCI President Sergey N. Katyrin. He emphasized that the Zdravookhraneniye project was of great importance in the Russian health care industry development. Everything recent and innovative in health care and medicine was concentrated just here.

A number of scientific-and-practical events including the 6th International Conference Sportmed’2011 were held within the bounds of the Russian Health Care Week.  In opinion of Boris A. Polyayev, President of the Russian Association for Sports Medicine and Patients and Disabled Persons Rehabilitation, Chief Specialist for Sports Medicine of the RF Ministry of Health and Social Development, “symbiosis” of the largest branch-wise exhibition Zdravookhraneniye and professional congress events is absolutely justified.    Specialists are offered an opportunity to hear interesting reports on the sports medicine development and see new equipment, recent global advances of medical devices as well.”    

Igor T. Vykhodets, Deputy Director of Main Directorate Center of   Sports Team and Technologies of the Moscow Department of Physical Training and Sports stressed that the Forum organizers’ attention to the sports medicine subject promoted the Russian sports development, and it was very topical on the threshold of the largest international sports events which would take place in our country.  

According to Executive Director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains Nelly V. Ignatyeva “the Russian Health Care Week has demonstrated all health care system trends which are of great interest and are supported with government programmes. The Exhibition is an effective place to discuss the Russian health care issues and set out the industry demands to the State.”    

This year participants of the main exhibition event in the Russian medical sector, Zdravookhraneniye’2011 became foreign and domestic leading companies of the industry.  The total exhibition space amounted to 40 063 sq. meters.

Participation of 821 companies from 42 countries is evidence of the project high international status.  China, Czech Republic, Germany, Republic of Korea and Taiwan arranged their national expositions.  

Such foreign companies as Carl Zeiss AG, Fujinon, Philips, Sony, Siåmens, Toshiba, Vernipoll s.r.l., Westfalia, Stormoff, Balton and many others exhibited their recent developments and new technologies. 

The domestic medical industry competitiveness growth was demonstrated at the Russian exposition.   505 Russian companies from all regions of the country including Amico, Rentgenprom, NIPK Electron, Kostromskaya Medtechnika, Kasimov Instrument Making Plant, Medtekhnika, Farmstandart, S.P. Helpic, Linza, Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant, Zverev Krasnogorsky Zavod and many others participated in the show.

Centre for Professional Education and Career was arranged at the Zdravookhraneniye’2011 exhibition. One of the main purposes of the Center was to solve problems related to qualitative medical education and the specialists employment assistance.       

“Labour Exchange” enabled participants and visitors to look for a job and employees; to make an interview and appointment directly in the exhibition pavilions.

The widest range of innovation medical instrumentation and equipment was brought to attention of specialists visited Zdravookhraneniye’2011 where they could familiarize themselves with innovation medical technologies, laboratory medicine, primary health care facilities. A wide selection of componenets and medical furniture was displayed on booths. The exhibition special sections were devoted to design and facilities for patient care institutions, information technologies in medicine, maternal and child health, stomatology, medical education and other pressing subjects.

Results of the special-purpose programme ‘Development of the Russian Federation pharmaceutical and medical industry up to the year of 2020 and future trends’ were presented at the stand arranged by the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade within the bounds of the Zdravookhraneniye’2011 and Healthy Lifestyle’2011 exhibitions. The present Ministry acts as a government customer-coordinator of the federal special-purpose programme mentioned above.     

The 21st International Exhibition Zdravookhraneniye and the 5th International Exhibition Healthy Life-Style embraced a saturated programme of business related events. Over 1200 industry specialists attended the events.

All-Russian Forum “Medical Equipment and Products Delivery to Medical and Preventive Treatment Institutions.Strategy’2012” organized by the Imperia congress-and-exhibition company took place for the first time within the bounds of Zdravookhraneniye’2011 on December 6, 2011. The Forum was of great interest to the medical equipment, components and technologies delivering companies and customers.

Over 200 delegates from 50 Russian towns and the CIS countries participated in the event. It is interesting that 80% of them were owners and top-managers of manufacturing companies and distributors as well as head physicians and experts of the medical and preventive treatment institutions procurement departments.

The Forum key subjects encompassed government plans of the equipment purchases control in 2012-2013; peculiarities of deliveries to budgetary and departmental medical and preventive treatment institutions; modern methods of sale promotion.   

The speech of Sergey Logachev, Head of the Medical Industry Division of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade Department of Chemical-Engineering Complex and Bioengineering Technologies at the plenary session aroused suppliers’ particular interest.   According to him “reduction of components for medical equipment tax rates will become an appreciable change.  It is associated with Russia expected entrance into WTO in the near future.    This fact will not provoke cardinal changes in the market (71% of the market occupy foreign companies)”. Guzel Ulumbekova, Chairman of the ASMOK (Association of Medical Societies for Quality) Board presented a detailed survey of the today Russian health care system state and the situation development forecast up to 2020.  According to her, “main problems for today are underfunding from the government sources as well as the health manpower shortage and insufficient qualification.”  

As Sergey Dumchenko, a leading analyst of the NEOKON Company for expert consulting Neoconomica project noted “the year 2012 is expected to be stable for the industry.  Nevertheless, the purchase state budget funds for MPTI during 5 years will be naturally reduced because of inflation.   It is connected with an outlook for the prolonged crisis which will affect the medical equipment and medical products, and extend at least 5 years.”    

During the second session suppliers obtained strategic data related to the industry from leading research and consulting companies including Goltsblut BLP, Ernst & Young (CIS) B.V., VSN-TRANSIT and others.   Reports devoted to changes of the state purchasing rules in connection with the planned transition to the Federal contract system, and customs control in the common free market zone of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan attracted the delivers’ special attention. 

During the third session devoted to b2b marketing delegates were given recommendations based on experiences of other industries developed in terms of marketing. As Kseniya Kasyanova, Vise-President of the Contact-Expert consulting company noted “application of modern marketing tools and technologies taken from other fields may enable to increase sale in the medical equipment market as well”.    

The Forum concluded with six round tables in the format of cocktail party where delegates could communicate in the informal atmosphere.

The delegated expressed their interest in the present event. They considered it a significant place to obtain topical information for their business and constructive dialogue with colleagues and partners.

SportMed’2011, the 6th International Scientific Conference on the State and Elite Sports Medicine Development Prospects organized by Federal Medico-Biological Agency,  Centre for Exercise Therapy and Sports Medicine of the Russian Federal Medico-Biological Agency,  Medical Unit No.169 of  the Russian Federal Medico-Biological Agency,  Russian Association for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of Patients and Disabled Persons was held with great success. The Conference was arranged with the support from and the participation of the Working Group on Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping Support of the RF Presidential Council for Development of Physical Training and Sports, Elite Sports, Preparation and Holding of the 2014 Sochi 22nd Winter Olympics and the 11th Paralympics,  the 2013 Kazan 27th  Summer World Student Games, the Russian Federation Ministry of Health Care and Social Development, the Russian Olympic Committee,  the Russian Paralympic Committee, the International Sports Medicine Federation,  the Federation of Sports Medicine Associations of the CIS countries and the Baltic states.  

The Conference comprised reports of the leading rehabilitation and sports medicine specialists, the latest traumas treatment modes, effective rehabilitation technologies and complexes for the sportsmen psychological and psychophysiologic preparation.  Topical master classes related to special massage technique applied to the sportsmen rehabilitation took place concurrently with the conference plenary session.         

The second conference day was held under the aegis of the Day of the Russian-German Sports Medicine Society “Doctors in Sports Medicine without Boundaries”. The Day subjects were as follows: Sports Medicine Organization during Sports Events, and Sportsmen Medical Care at Sports Competitions.   The German skiing, bobsleigh, swimming and snowboard teams doctors spoke along with Russian scientists.

The All-Russian Research-and-Practical Congress of Gadiologists Radiology and Nuclear Medicine in Oncology was held with great success for the first time within Zdravookhraneniye’2011. Specialists of the best world clinics such as Charite University Clinic (Germany), Saint Radbod University Clinic (the Netherlands), Detroit Medical Center (the USA) and others participated in the event.

The Congress demonstrated the modern radiology and nuclear medicine role and achievements in oncology.

Every day Russian leading and foreign world-renowned scientists presented thematic reports on main trends of the radiology and nuclear medicine development in oncology including clinical breast care, thyroid gland diseases, male and pediatric radiology.

The Congress was organized by the RF Ministry of Health and Social Development Russian Scientific Center of Roentgenoradiology; the Russian Association of Radiologists; the Russian Association of Therapeutic Radiation Oncologists; Association of Medical Physicists; IPO Society of Nuclear Medicine; the Russian Association of Mammalogists and Expocentre.

The Russian Health Care Week scientific-and-practical programme of events encompassed the 13-th Annual Scientific Conference Stomatology’2011, the International Medical Congress IMedR’2012, the 1000-Bed Hospital Association General Meeting, a competition of integrated socially important health care projects, the HOSPITAL TODAY and TOMORROW scientific Conference, round tables, seminars and presentations of participating companies.  

Official figures and the exhibition participants’ opinion evidenced the successful holding of the Zdravookhraneniye’2011 and Health Care Week’2011 exhibitions. The Show expedience and significance were also noted by Anna Chahonyan, SCHILLER Marketing Director; D. Pimenov, Russian Medent Mebel Project Manager; Yu. Kazantsev, Primex Medical Strategic Development Director and V. Ivanyuta, Medin Plus Deputy Director.   

During the Zdravookhraneniye’2011 Exhibition specialists familiarized themselves with the health care industry novelties and trends, summed up the expiring year and discussed prospects. The total visitor attendance amounted to 28 110.

Next International Exhibition Zdravookhraneniye’2012 will take place within the bounds of the Russian Health Care Week’2012 Forum at the Expocentre Fairgrounds on December 3-7, 2012.                                             

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