Irina Slutskaya, Chairperson of the Voluntary Physical Education Union's Presidium, twice World Figure Skating Champion

I am focused on projects improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. We are sharing our practices. The exhibition has a stand, which presents the Dobropoyezd project, which visited nine cities this spring. We are working with children in wheelchairs, blind children, children with diabetes, and children with cerebral palsy. We organise "success story" forums in every city to tell the audience how a person has recovered from a horrid accident and has found strength to keep on going.

Everything that we see here is up-to-date. Means of assistance to such people and technologies that could be used by them are evolving. People should see technical rehabilitation equipment and training systems. The exhibition presents their entire range. Awareness of the existence of these devices helps understand that living with disabilities could be a lot easier.

Its important that everything demonstrated at the trade show could be seen and touched. People know what is happening at Expocentre, which serves as a center of attraction. You visit the website and see what trade show is underway. The place is comfortable and cozy, and the big pavilions also have a historic value. Everything related to health needs to be touched and seen. And where else could that be done if not here?

Andrey Gaiderov, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Public Relations Department of the Russian Health Care Ministry

This is an interesting trade show, which broadly represents clinics and institutes. It is impossible to single out one showcase because everyone has been creative about demonstrating the activity of regions, clusters, or particular organisations. All of that creates a good impression and gives an idea of the domestic health care sector. The exhibition is taking place on the sidelines of Russian Health Care Week. It is our task to show what health care is, and what it can offer to our citizens and foreign patients.

Nikolay Daikhes, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Civic Chamber's Health Care Commission

Russian Health Care Week has become traditional. The initiative of the Russian Health Care Ministry and our colleagues and physicians, has proven to be right, because it offers a chance to exchange views on the existent health care challenges and tasks and see new equipment and technologies. In my opinion, the end-of-year meetings which take place on the Week's sidelines and bring together all colleagues are extremely useful.

The May Orders of the President have clearly defined the stance on every area of preventive medical services, health checks, and clinics. We are now discussing a brand new area for our country, which was first mentioned in the May Orders last year: exports of medical services. We need to make ourselves known to the world. We must demonstrate Russian technologies and the level of Russian health care to everyone and to promote our country, health care, and achievements so that people come here for medical assistance.

I am glad that Expocentre has been true to its standards for all these years. We are pleased to take part in Expocentre events, and not just Russian Health Care Week.

Oksana Drapkina, Director of the Russian Health Ministry's National Medical Research Center for Preventive Medicine, Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

We regularly participate in Russian Health Care Week. Topics vary depending on the tasks set for the health care industry. National health care projects are promising and ambitious. The Russian Health Care Ministry and the Russian government are keen on preserving health of the population and are carrying out preventive programs.

Alexander Razumov, National Resort Association President

Expocentre Fairgrounds is amazing: the exhibition keeps expanding consistent with the issues topical to society and the health care system. The significance of health resorts for living a healthier and longer life is viewed from a new angle.

This Russian Health Care Week responded to the executive order of the President of Russia regarding a longer life of the elder generation and presented a new format of using health resorts for keeping elderly citizens healthy and making them available to persons with disabilities. Hopefully, the forum will boost the involvement of the tourism industry and health resorts in the accomplishment of tasks set by the president.

Vera Adamkova, Chairperson of the Czech Parliament's Chamber of Deputies Healthcare Committee, Professor

We have come to Russia because a very important Russian-British-Czech study of heart disease risk factors has been underway around the world for more than 15 years. We need to share its results with colleagues. I am glad we can do that in the course of the exhibition considering that health care is important to all of us. Hopefully, our cooperation will improve care for our common patients: citizens of Russia and the UK who come to the Czech Republic, and Czech citizens who go to those countries. We are trying to create the best conditions for them. Meeting in person has paramount significance. We should meet, get acquainted, and discuss our problems. We would like conferences dedicated to Russian-British-Czech studies to be regular events.

Tatiana Batysheva, Director of the Moscow Health Care Department's Children's Psycho-neurology Center

Expocentre is again playing host to the INCLUSION-EXPO forum. The number of remarkable speakers has increased. The forum is attended by disabled people who are vocal about their vhallenges, achievements, and things that need attention.

Today, our speakers have addressed professional orientation and inclusive education. We will also confer on the prevention of disabilities and lots of aspects of the daily life of disabled persons. We have seen wonderful videos about what disable people could do. They take parachute jumps, swim, go diving, travel as tourists, and do practically everything else healthy people do. We can say that we have created accessible environment, which makes everyone equal.

Social issues and accessible environment are prioritised whenever regions of our country draft their budgets. We have had a good talk on the matter today, although it has been hard sometimes. An interesting conversation is pending in two commissions, which are part of the Childhood Decade project. These are the Healthy Child Commission, and the commission working with families with disabled children. We will be discussing cons and pros of inclusive education. We have lots of supporters, but we also have opponents. We will be highlighting the most pressing problems. Hopefully, we will be able to come to terms.

Alexander Panin, KHUR General Director

This is our second time at the exhibition. Our participation was minor last year. We have chosen a bigger stand this time. I should say that we have drawn more visitors. The results are good. My expectations of the number of interesting visitors and questions, and even of future orders have been exceeded.

There is no doubt that coaching seminars on effective exhibiting, which are held by Nikolay Karasyov at Expocentre, have been useful. We have not used some of his suggestions considering that he provided plenty of materials, but everything we did worked. For instance, he gave us wonderful advice: the stand must work. Weight benches for spine rehabilitation, which we presented at the stand, were very popular. Their previous modification is known to the Russian medical community. Now health workers, doctors, and people selling medical equipment, whom we have talked to, can see the new version of training machines of the David brand. We have also got new contracts.

I can see that Expocentre is taking huge efforts and is doing a great deal of good things for exhibitors and visitors. We respect their efforts and are fully satisfied with Expocentre as its customer.

Tamara Yegorova, NIKAMED Executive Director

We have participated in Zdravookhraneniye for over a decade. Our company has been at the outset of everything related to orthopedics and we have demonstrated our products in a separate room for convenience of visitors seeking our kind of equipment.

The concept of our stand changed two years ago. We have spent plenty of time on promoting our products. As they say, you cannot surprise anyone with a product today, so you have to surprise with service, business support, and technologies. That is why our stand has evolved from a product showcase to a meeting point of partners, suppliers, distributors, and end users. This is a place to meet and negotiate, in the first turn.

Everything related to new products, technologies, and services is highlighted at annual business conferences we arrange for our partners. This is an eight-hour full-day event. We use this opportunity to speak about new products, projects we are planning to initiate next year, and results of the outgoing year, as well as to award winners of various contests, and announce pending events. This is a platform for cooperation and networking. Our distributors look forward to this event. We not just organise master classes but also invite domestic and international speakers. We try to broaden horizons of our colleagues in order to build a professional orthopedic retain chain on the basis of our company. This is both useful and productive.

We prioritise the attraction of new partners. This year, we have tried to gather all clients in the same room by combining several events within one day. We have also organised a business tour for new partners.

Our company is not just a distributor; it is also a manufacturer and a retailer. So, we always give much thought to the products to be demonstrated an exhibition. This is a good place for holding a business conference. We like to bring our partners together here. We also time our other events to coincide with the Zdravookhraneniye exhibition for the purpose of attracting as many clients as possible. Our invitation is significant to them. They come here for new experience, new knowledge, new catalogues, and new contacts. This seems to be the biggest value.

Igor Zhilyakov, Belokurikha Resort Deputy Chief Physician for Medical Services

The stand of the Altai Territory presents Belokurikha health resorts. We used to participate in trade shows, but they were not medical, but tourist industry events. This is our second year at MedTravelExpo. We are drawn to the exhibition because we can present our products and familiarise ourselves with every modern achievement in medical science and technology. This is the biggest medical exhibition that is why our institution has participated in it for two years in a row. We believe this participation has a sufficient commercial effect.

The collective stand has obvious advantages. It is operated not by one company but by a big pool of organisations. So, it is more financially advantageous. We draw attention of all potential clients to the Altai Territory. Mostly these are people who are ready to visit our resort. Some of the visitors want to see how we present our resort, to take our advertising materials, and to use them for learning what should be done and how. Of course, every business must be run by professionals. We are professionals in our field. Expocentre's management is also professional. That is why they made the unique offer which brought together Russian health resorts and medical equipment manufacturers. This is the only trade show which allows us to speak with clients and see new medical achievements. This is what attracts us in the first place. Our country does not have other trade shows of this kind. I have no doubt we will participate in the exhibition next year and have a joint stand of the Altai Territory again.

Islam Koloyev, BMB Trade House Marketing Director

BMB based in St. Petersburg has been participating in the Zdravookhraneniye exhibition over 15 years. We represent several manufacturing plants and mostly demonstrate new products which could be interesting to all market actors.

We know well some of our visitors, not just clients but also rivals who we stay in contact with. We are trying to choose such products, which can solve problems of our end-users, doctors, and can offer something new. Each manufacturer has a specialty capable of significantly improving the quality of medical services in Russian clinics.

Our stand demonstrates our business attitude to clients and partners. Our goal is coziness and comfort. We want visitors to have a pleasant experience when they come to our stand, take a look, and speak with us. This is the criterion of our service.

We participate in numerous exhibitions and conferences in Russia, both federal and regional. We can compare them with the Zdravookhraneniye exhibition from the point of view of services provided to participants and visitors. We are absolutely satisfied. Our expectations have been fully met. We appreciate that very much. If the organisers keep on good work, the exhibition will stay up-to-date, and all exhibitors will continue to come here. It is highly probable that you will meet us here next year and will see our beautiful stand, which is a challenging undertaking for our small company. We will make a conceptual presentation of our new products.

Olga Lonskaya, Barnaul Civic Chamber Secretary, Gornaya Apteka Director

This is our first time at the trade show. We see it as a big step and a great achievement. We are being given much attention. The exhibition is extremely interesting. Gornaya Apteka represents the Altai Territory, so when the territorial government invited us to be part of the group stand we did not hesitate and rapidly gave an affirmative answer.

Our enterprise has multiple focuses: we represent a tourist destination and products, which could be distributed. This is why we are interesting to all visitors, including those who want to be healthy and those showing interest in our products. There have been lots of interesting proposals from people who want to supply our products online and become our wholesale buyers. Many visitors want to go to Altai. I did not expect so much attention to our stand, products, and centre.

Irina Volzhenina, Novetalis and VGL Centre Director

This is not the first time when our company takes part in Russian Health Care Week, but this is my first time and I am pleasantly surprised by a wonderful atmosphere. Everything is so beautiful and well managed. We are the best health resort in Crimea, but one should never stop developing. Our investors and administration constantly implement something new to give a boost to our health resort. We are looking for these new, advanced products here.

As the director of a healthcare institution, I am keen on new equipment. We also seek to win as many new customers as possible. Our location at the exhibition is perfect, and we are very grateful for that. We will be demonstrating our new technologies in the future. We will be sharing them with colleagues and borrowing their innovations.

Anne-Catherine Schmalz, German Export and Foreign Trade Assistant

The German government supports and partially funds the German group stand. Any German company operating in this area can file for participating in the trade show; the application will be processed and access to the group stand will be granted.

We believe that the Russian market is very important. In fact, it is listed as one of the top ten best developed and popular markets. This market has grown 4.74% year-on-year.

Traditionally, our stand is located in Hall 1 of Pavilion No.2. Our exhibitors and we like this place. It meets everyone's needs even from the logistics angle. There is a high visitor turnout. Our exhibitors and we are pleased with a large number of visitors and their quality. These are specialists interested in receiving our information.

The stand design is focused on recognisability. Our slogan, "Made in Germany," is eye-catching and memorable, and it helps visitors find us.

We would like to congratulate Expocentre on the anniversary. We will always be with you. We will never leave this venue. We see Expocentre as a gateway to Russia. We demonstrate our products here, and view this trade show as an inseparable part of our business. We wish Expocentre to work in this area as long as possible and make us happy with its remarkable events. Hopefully, we will meet here again next year, and the number of exhibitors will become even bigger.