Congress Halls Expocentre Fairgrounds

Presentation Area Program*
of Medical Clinics. Health and Spa Resorts (MedTravelExpo),
the Exhibition for Medical and Wellness Services,
Health Improvement and Medical Treatment

Pavilion No.7, Hall 2, 72B70

 Presentation Area Program


Presentation on Employee Health: New Trends and Techniques

Organized by Irena Rapoport, Head of International Educational Programs.


Presentation of Pushkino Health Resort: World of Health, Positive Energy and Good Mood

Speaker: Tatyana Sidneva, Head of Department for Sales of Health Resort Vouchers and Accommodation at Pushkino Health Resort.

Organized by Pushkino Health Resort


Presentation on Ways to Reduce Risks When Doing Business in the Field of Medicine

Speaker: Irina Gritsenko, Managing Partner, Medical Lawyer at League for Defence of Patients Rights OOO.

Organized by League for Defence of Patients Rights OOO


Educational seminar on Investing in Health and Spa Resorts

Organized by National Spa Association (NSA), D-Zerts Medical Consulting Agency, Expocentre AO


Presentation on Private Medical Insurance (PMI) as a Catalyst for Development of Medical Tourism as Illustrated by the PMI Programs of Chuvashia-Med Insurance Company

Speaker: Igor Maguskin, Deputy Director of the PMI Department of Chuvashia-Med Insurance Company

Organized by Chuvashia-Med Insurance Company


Presentation on Latest Trends in the Development of Medical Tourism in Russia

Speaker: Konstantin Onishchenko, President of Russian Association of Medical Tourism

Organized by Russian Association of Medical Tourism


Presentation on Opportunities of Medical Treatment,
Rehabilitation and Medical Wellness in Croatia.
Meet Croatian Toplices and Clinics


Speaker: Damir Štajcar, MD, Director at Iqcure


Speaker: Zoran Carapic, CEO at Atlantis Travel

Organized by Atlantis Travel Croatian Tour Operator


Presentation on Medical Treatment in Leading Private Clinics of Austria: Advanced Viennese Medicine

Speaker: Sonja Fuernsinn, Magister, MAS, International Relations Director at PremiQaMed Group

Organized by PremiQaMed Group


Presentation on Profkurort and Health Resorts of Trade Unions. Reloading

Speaker: Marina Rozanova, Commercial Director at Profkurort Health and Spa Resort AO

Organized by Profkurort Health and Spa Resort AO


Presentation on Opportunities of Multipurpose Medical Center. Innovative Technologies in Medicine.

Speaker: Mikhail Kibanov, Cand. Sci. (Biology), molecular biologist, specialist in pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.

Organized by Clinical Hospital on Yauza


Presentation on How to Choose a Rehabilitation Center? (modern rehabilitation concept)

Speaker: Andrey Bogatyrev, rehabilitation physician, head of outreach rehabilitation service at Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Center

Organized by Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Center


Presentation of Russia Sanatorium: Source of Health, Plenty of Good Taste, Space of Comfort and New Impressions

Speaker: Elena Lyubushkina, Deputy Chief Doctor at Russia Sanatorium ZAO

Organized by Russia Sanatorium ZAO


Presentation on Elton Heath and Spa Resort: Unique Opportunities for Psoriasis and Musculoskeletal Diseases Treatment

Speaker: Tamara Bairamukova, General Director at Elton Health and Spa Resort.

Organized by Elton Med OOO


Presentation on Secrets of Effective Treatment of Spine Diseases

Speaker: Andrey Kisenko, Development Director at Lago Naki Health Resort. From 2005 to 2012 he did his internship in The Mount Washington Hotel (New Hampshire, USA) and worked for Rixos and Holiday Inn international hotel chains; then he taught Hotel Management at North-Caucasus Federal University, second university degree at Sochi State University (Organization and Management in Hotel Business).

Organized by Lago Naki Health Resort


Presentation on From International Cooperation to Centre of Foreign Patients

Speaker: Yulia Sukhneva, Manager, International Patients Department at San Donato Hospital Group. She got her university degree in Global Economy in Russia, then her masters degree in Italy.

Organized by San Donato Hospital Group


Presentation on Prospects of Implementing the Medical Assistant Card Project

Speaker: Evgeny Petrov, Head of Development and Medical Support Department

Organized by M.E.V. medizinische Entwicklung und Versorgung, official representative of Vivantes Group (Germany) in Russia


Presentation on Ayurveda is the Ancient Science of Life

Speaker: Dr. A.M. Anvar, Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery, MD, Chairman and Managing Director at Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital, a renowned Ayurveda Physician, specialist in Neurology and Neuromuscular Diseases.

He is completing his 25 years of Ayurveda medicine practice this year. Over the years he and his team have treated more than 2 million patients through Ayurvedic methodology with the help of modern diagnostic methods. He has been honored with Robert Koch award. Best Ayurveda Brand of the Year Award from IndoUK health summit at the British Parliament and Rose of Paracelsus award are recently received International Awards for Dr. Anvar and Punarnava Ayurveda.

Organized by Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital


Presentation on Unique Technologies of Radon Treatment in Prevention and Medical Treatment of Different Diseases of Adults and Children

Speaker: Elena Glebova, Cand. Sci. (Medicine), Deputy Development Director at Radon Medical Spa.

Organized by Radon Medical Spa


Masterclass on Approaches to Early Diagnosis of Bronchial Obstruction Syndrome

Speaker: Petr Struchkov, MD, Prof., Head of Department of Functional Diagnosis of State-Financed Clinical Hospital No.85 of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, Deputy Head of Department of Clinical Physiology and Functional Diagnosis of the Federal Institution of Additional Education Institute of Postgraduate Training of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia.

Organized by State-Financed Clinical Hospital No.85 of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia


Lecture of Oleg Burdukov

Speaker: Oleg Burdukov, Director Chief Doctor at Gornyak Health Resort OOO

Organized by Gornyak Health Resort OOO


Academic seminar from lead specialists of Vivantes International Medicine (Germany) supported by M.E.V. Berlin (Germany)


Speaker: Alexander Kolesnikov, M.E.V. - medizinische Entwicklung und Versorgung, Berlin, Cand. Sci. (Medicine), Board Certified Doctor, Medical Director, Deputy Chairman of Clinical and Expert Board, Research Advisor of Joint Russian-German Program of High Tech Medical Assistance M.E.V.-Berlin is an official representative of Vivantes Group (Germany) in Russia.


New Developments for a Robotic Surgical System for Urology

Speaker: Christian Peter Klopf, MD, acknowledged expert in uro oncology, reconstructive urology and robot-assisted operations (DaVinci), Head of Interdisciplinary Prostate Center at Charité Clinic (from 2010 to 2013), Chief Doctor at Vivantes Humboldt Hospital Urology (from 2014 to present), Director of Vivantes Prostatacenter.


Current Situation and Prospects of Cancer Immunotherapy

Speaker: Ernst Späth-Schwalbe, MD, Prof., Chief Doctor in Hematology, Oncology, Gastroenterology and Palliative Medicine at Vivantes Spandau (Berlin), since 2001 member of European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), German Society for Hematology and Oncology (DGHO), American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO), American Society for Hematology (ASH)


International Cooperation in the Health Care Industry as Illustrated by Vivantes International Medicine. Strategy of Successful Development.

Speaker: Olaf Lenzen, MD, Specialist in Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine, Dietology. Head of Vivantes Health Food Center. He got a degree in medicine and economy. Head of Vivantes Department of Management Support System, Management System Coordination and Efficiency Control since 2013. Head of International Medicine Department at Vivantes since 2017.

Organized by M.E.V. medizinische Entwicklung und Versorgung, official representative of Vivantes Group (Germany) in Russia


Presentation on New Opportunities in Diagnostics and Medical Treatment at University Medical Center Freiburg

Speaker: Olesya Oshchepkova, Project Management and Marketing of International Medical Services Center at University Medical Center Freiburg which hits top five medical centers in Germany. She has degrees in Russian and German philology and in translation. These qualifications help her in her work with foreign patients and development of business relations with foreign partners.

Organized by University Medical Center Freiburg


Presentation on Role of Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics in Establishing and Developing the Kurgan Medical Cluster

Speaker: Alexander Gubin, MD, Director of Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Board Certified in Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Board Certified in Organization of Health Care and Public Health, Chairman of Spine Russia AO, Chief Non-Staff Orthopedist and Traumatologist of the Urals Federal District since 2016, Chief Editor of The Ilizarov Journal of Clinical and Experimental Orthopedics Orthopaedic Genius.

Organized by Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics of the Russian Ministry of Health Care


Presentation on Integrative Methods of Oncology Treatment at G SAM Hospital

Speaker: Dr. Lee Dae Hee, President of SAM Medical Center, President of Hyosan Medical Foundation, Doctor in Hemato-Oncology Department of Integrative Oncological Center of G SAM Hospital.

He is on the list of the Forbes magazine (Korea). He has MBA in Medicine Management at Kyung Hee University. He got a degree in missiology at the Christ For the Nations Institute. He graduated from Medicine Faculty of Seoul National University. He did his internship in Hemato-Oncology Department of the National Cancer Center Korea.

Organized by G SAM Medical Center (South Korea)


Presentation on Travel for Health. Health and Spa Tourism in Germany

Speaker: Alla Belikova, Head of Representative Office of the German National Tourist Board in Russia

Organized by Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus German National Tourist Board in Russia.


Presentation on Modern Rehabilitation and its Opportunities Using Latest Technologies

Speaker: Stefan Schuko, Board Certified in Neurology. He was born in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and graduated from the medical faculty of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University in 1994. He started his working career in Almaty as a neurologist. In 1999 he moved to Germany. After two years of working in neuro-cardio-orthopedic rehabilitation centre in Dresden, he continued working in prof. Schmieder specialized neurological clinic in Allensbach until 2016 where he wrote his PhD thesis on craniocerebral trauma diagnostics by functional magnetic resonance tomography. Since 2016 Mr. Schuko has worked as Chief of Department of Rehabilitation of Foreign Patients at Zihlschlacht Specialized Neurological Center, Switzerland.

Organized by Rehabilitation Clinic Zihlschlacht


Presentation on State-of-the-Art Treatments Destination: Athens Medical Group

Speaker: Ivan Tsitlidis, Executive Coordinator in Medical Tourism at Athens Medical Group (AMG), General Practitioner with a remarkable and long lasting experience in the field of medical tourism and tourism industry as a whole.

Organized by Athens Medical Group (AMG)


HR Forum on Health Care Management

Organized by Association of Health Tourism, KONTAKT InterSearch Russia

Supported by Expocentre AO


Presentation on Diagnostic Opportunities and Modern Methods at Pushkino Health Resort, Medical Rehabilitation after Breast Surgery for Oncological Diseases

Speaker: Olga Ryapolova, Board Certified in Functional Diagnostics

Speaker: Olga Aznaurova, Medical Deputy Director, Board Certified Doctor

Organized by Pushkino Health Resort


Presentation of programs, professional advice of specialists from the Russian Research Centre of Medical Rehabilitation and Spa Medicine of the Russian Ministry of Health Care

Organized by Russian Research Centre of Medical Rehabilitation and Spa Medicine of the Russian Ministry of Health Care.

*Subject to change